it’s nice to meet you

Growing up in Philadelphia, I have always been a fan of the art scene.  Theres so much talent in this city and that’s why I still live here.   Hodgepodge Studios started as a place for me to host my clients outside of my basement.  I mean, come on, most of us started in our basement, or a garage, or our backyard, the local park…am I right?
My dream was always to have a space that was cool and curated for my work.  But somehow, that cool place turned into a SUPER cool place because I was able to share it with other artist and meet likeminded individuals!  My goal has always been to create a space that was warm and inviting and styled, but not too styled because you need space to think and create.  A space to make magic…
Hodgepodge Studios has been a unique rental studio in Philadelphia since 2019, a place where artist can bring production to life.  It’s a place where you can be free to roam the halls of your mind and decorate them with passion and creativity.  I am an artist and I create, but more importantly I am here to serve you.  I’d like to think that this studio is a community vessel, lending itself to all creators in hopes to help them realize a vision and watch that vison come to fruition.  A most loved creation. 
I’m so happy to meet you.  I look forward to making magic with you!

– nakisha